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Summer Reading

Did you know that your brain, just like your body needs exercise? While you are swimming, biking, and being active this summer, make sure you keep your brain active as well! 

Most estimates suggest that approximately 75 percent of a students’ achievement is produced by factors unrelated to what happens within students’ classrooms (i.e. what YOU do OUTSIDE of SCHOOL). One of the most important of these factors is the annual long summer vacation (NWEA, 2017)

What can you do?  Research shows that reading 200 pages per week (that's only 29 pages per day) increases student achievement and promotes cognitive growth.   Sign up for the Grandview Heights Public Library Summer Reading Club!  Attached please find  the Grandview Heights Schools' Teacher Picks and plan your summer of reading by completing the attached "Ideal Bookshelf Summer 2017."  

Additionally, students will have access to their online resource subscriptions (i.e. Raz-Kids) through out the summer. Here are few resources to get creative and keep learning interesting this summer:

Find additional booklists: