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School Year 2019-2020

BEFORE/AFTER 2019-2020   

For More information about the 2019-2020 school year, see the attached document at the end of the page. 


April 1-5:  19-20 school year registration rising 1st-6th grade

April 8-12:   19-20 school year full day Kindergarten students &/or any new family to Kids' Club


August 14: 1st day of school/ 1st day of Kids’ Club rising 1st-3rd Stevenson/ 4th-6th grade EILMS Kids' Club

August 19:  1st day for rising kindergarten students






After you register follow the EZ Pay school payment system by clicking the link   to pay $35.00 (per family) to complete this process.  If you do not have a student I.D. (Lunch #) assigned,  please bring a payment via check (cash is not accepted) to 1065 Oxley Rd. @ Stevenson   Elementary.  


The registration fee for the  is $35.00 per family.  Any family carrying a balance that exceeds the current month tuition, will not be registered until payment is paid in full and may lose their spot on the registration roster.


  • If you are a new family to the school district and do not have a student I.D. you will need to drop off a check at the front office of the elementary building 
  • If you have been given a student I.D. you will follow the link to EZPay at the end of the registration form to pay the registration fee of $35.00 per family.   
  • EZPay is the online payment system used for all school fees, lunch accounts, Kids' Club and more.  All new students will  receive a student I.D. from the Grandview School after the school registration process is complete in order to gain access and to make payments.  All future payments will be collected through the school payment site. 
 When registering for the school year or summer program, please be advised that you are registered, but not enrolled in the program without further notice.   

After Receiving a Confirmation E-Mail:

Each family will complete an enrollment form along with the Tuition Agreement Form and return  to the Kids' Club email electronically after receiving a confirmation notice.   Forms may be e-mailed to or dropped off at Stevenson Elementary to the Kids' Club mailbox in the main office.


School Year FAQ

FAQ: Is there a limit on the number of children enrolled in the Kids’ Club program?


While our program is a service offered by the Grandview School District, it is governed by the State Department of Education. There are policies and regulations regarding the amount of space, teacher-child ratios and the number of children that may participate. In other words, our capacity is determined by the Ohio Department of Education and not by the director of the program, the principle or the superintendent.


FAQ: Is there a before school program at Edison Intermediate / Larson Middle School?
There is not a before school program at Edison Intermediate / Larson Middle School.

FAQ: What do I do after I have been accepted into the After School Program?

Check the Grandview Website at the end of July and the beginning of August for an invite to attend an orientation in August.


FAQ: What do I do if my child has health concerns or allergies?  We will ask for specific information regarding the health of your child.  We ask that in addition to filling out this form, you contact the Kids’ Club office to set up a time to discuss any/all health concerns  (614-485-4040).