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Below are the days that Kids' Club will provide care during days/times that school is closed
{ full calendar attached at bottom} 
Optional Care Registration
5 Steps to Sign Up For Optional Care
All Students, including those currently registered in morning care must register for any optional days on the school and Kids' Club Calendar!  
  1. Using the Kids' Club coupon booklet provided by our program available at both sites; Choose the sheet with the Optional Care Day/Dates you would like your Child(ren) to attend and turn the form in to the program or send it electronically.  
  2. Log Onto EZ Pay and Pay The Optional Care Fee ($35.00 per child full day optional care, $15.00 per child late start optional care)
  3. Write The EZ Pay Payment Number On The Optional Care Registration Form
  4. Turn In The Optional Care Registration Form to Kids Club 
  5. Wait  For A Confirmation E-Mail
In order for you child to be put on the roster the registration form and proof of payment must be turned in to Kids Club!  Registration is on a first come first serve basis; space is limited!
Upcoming Optional Care Days:
All registration for Optional Days is due 1 week before date of care
December 6 Late Start  
December 21 Full Day Optional Care
February 7 Late Start
April 19 Full Day Optional Care
April 25 Late Start
May 24 Full Day Optional Care (minimum enrollment required) 
December 21 Full Day Optional Care 
December 24-January 2 Closed (Winter Break) 
January 21 Closed  (MLK Day)
February 7 Late Start
February 18 Closed (President's Day)
March 4 Summer Registration {More information to come} 
March 18-22 Closed Spring Break
April 1 School year 2019-20 Registration
April 19 Full Day Optional Care
April 25 Late Start   
May27 Closed (Memorial Day)
May 24 Full Day Optional Care (minimum enrollment required)
May 27 Closed (Memorial Day)   
May 28-31 Closed (Staff Summer Orientation & preparation) 
Tentative Summer Information: 
 2019 Camp Dates  June 3-August 3 
 Location:  Edison Intermediate 
Summer program is separate from our school year program and runs for approximately 8-9 weeks each season.  TBD 

Any change to your child’s daily attendance or ‘pick up’ procedure must be emailed to  OR  before 2:00pm daily.  Thank you for your cooperation in this serious matter!  

Calamity Day Procedures
  • Kid's Club will be closed on days that Grandview Schools are closed due to inclement weather or other factors.
  • If the start of school is delayed due to weather or other factors, the morning Kids Club program will be canceled but the after school program will be held as usual.
Please respect that emails will be taken care of on a priority level.  
All communication from Kids' Club will be sent through the School Messenger System.
 The email given when registering for the new school year with the school office is the email that we will communicate through.  Any change in this information must be reported to the main school office.  (We do not have the ability to add to this list from the Kids' Club Office)  If you are not receiving regular emails or reminders from Kids Club, you will need to contact the main school office.  
Please call 614-485-4011 (daytime) or 614-485-4040 (afternoon) and always leave a message with any questions or concerns regarding Kids' Club.

 Check out our fall newsletter below!