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Summer Program

Kids' Club Summer Program
2019 Summer Program Dates and location TBD: To be determined


Below is information on the 2018 Summer program to use as a reference 


For more information about our Kids’ Club program contact us at 614-485-4011.  

Colleen Adkinson, Director


Summer Kids’ Club Location/Hours:

Edison Intermediate/Larson Middle School (1240 Oakland Ave)
Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
*Kids’ Club will be CLOSED on Wednesday, July 4, 2018.


Summer Kids’ Club Registration Fee (non-refundable):  

The registration fee includes, but is not limited to, Transportation (VAT) expenses, Field Trip Admissions, Special Visitor Fees, Club T-Shirts, Special Projects, and Activities.  All payments, including the registration fees, should be paid using the District’s EZpay System.

Summer Kids’ Club Registration Fees:  (Non-refundable/due at registraton)

1 Child: $100.00
2 Children: $175.00
3 Children: $200.00

Weekly Tuition Charges:

Tuition for the first week of Summer Kids’ Club attendance is due on June 1, 2018.  All other tuition payments are due the Friday before the week of attendance.

Full Time (4-5 Days / Week)

1 Child : $143.00 per week
2 Children: $282.00 per week
3 Children: $421.00 per week

Part Time (3 Days / Week):

Part Time 1 Child (3 Days / Week): $111.00 per week
Part Time 2 Children: $219.00 per week
Part Time 3 Children: $327.00 per week

Flex Schedule Fee (Optional):

The Flex Fee is an optional payment ($75 per child) made upon confirmation into the program, allowing families to choose the weeks they will utilize Summer Kids’ Club. Families must register for a minimum of five (5) weeks when using the flex schedule. The flex schedule fee is due within 24 hours of confirmation in the summer program.   Families that do not wish to pay the Flex Fee are responsible for weekly tuition fees for the entire 9-week program, regardless of attendance. Discounts are not given for holidays, calamity days, or non-attendance due to illness or family emergencies. The Flex Schedule Fee must also be made using the EZPay system.

Flex Fee Per Child: $75.00 (Optional)


Flex Dates will be due to the Kids' Club office on Friday April 27, 2018.



Example Calculation:

(1) Scenario:  You wish to enroll 2 students full-time (4-5 days/week) for 6 of the 9 weeks of Summer Kids’ Club.

Calculation:  Registration Fees for 2 Children ($175) due at the time of Summer Kids’ Club registration.  Flex Fees for 2 Children ($75 x 2 = $150) due within 24 hours of confirmation of acceptance into the Summer Program.  You will owe weekly full-time tuition charges for 6 weeks at the rate of $282 ($282 x 6 = $1,692).  The $282 for the first week of Summer Kids’ Club tuition would be due on June 1, 2018.  The tuition for the remaining 5 weeks of Summer Kids’ Club attendance would be due the Friday before each week of Summer Kids’ Club attendance.