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Information Technology and Business Courses (one semester, open to all grades)
customized - creative - real world
  • AP Macroeconomics: resource use, human behavior, societal issues and the role of governments; college credit potential; 5-point grade scale (suggested: Business and Economics in first semester)

  • Business and Economics: intro to business, develop your own business idea, entrepreneurship, intro to economics

  • Communications - The Word ( join the school news team, develop communication skills (visual, oral, aural and written), creative story-telling, video and audio production (repeatable at an advanced level)

  • Computer Programming: develop problem solving skills, intro to programming with JavaScript and jQuery, custom projects

  • Digital Design: creative digital design (graphics, video, audio and web development), develop communication and problem solving skills, custom projects

  • Digital Design 2: build your own course in creative digital design -  visual design, video and audio, web development or computer programming; repeatable at an advanced level (suggested Level 1 courses: Digital Design, Computer Programming, Communications)

  • PC Applications:  develop foundation skills in information technology, make meaning from web content, master digital productivity tools (1 high school credit; 3 semester hours of Ohio public college credit; 5-point grade scale)

 Suggested Sequence:
  • Level 1: Business and Economics, PC Applications, Digital Design
  • Level 2: Computer Programming, Communications, Digital Design 2, AP Macroeconomics