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Registration Information

Registration Information and Forms

**For Kindergarten Registration Information , please click the link on the right**


New Enrollment Registration Information (Grades K-12)

Below you will find important information about registering and enrolling your child in the Grandview Heights Schools. If you are registering a kindergartener for the 2018-2019 school year, the first step in the process is to pick up a registration packet at Stevenson Elementary.
If you are registering a new student in Grades 1 through 12, the first step in the process is to complete the Initial Registration Form.  After completing the form, you will receive an email, which directs you to InfoSnap Online Registration. You will receive a Snapcode that is required for registration.  Once completed, you will be contacted by the school building secretary to set up an appointment to review all required documents.  A complete list of required documents are listed below.  Students MAY NOT attend and WILL NOT be given a schedule until your registration appointment is completed. Registration appointments will be held in each building(s) in which your student(s) will be attending. 
IMPORTANT: In an effort to expedite scheduling and class placement, please confirm you have completed your withdrawal from your previous district.

To confirm that your residence is within the Grandview Heights Schools district boundaries, please complete the following steps:

  • Visit the Franklin County Auditor’s website at:
  • Click on Your Property, then click on Property Search
  • Click either Search by Owner or Search by Address and provide the appropriate name or address and an information screen should appear
  • Under Tax Status, locate School District.  If it has 2504 Grandview Heights CSD listed next to school district, then you live within the Grandview Heights Schools boundaries.


Required Documents (Information)

1. Parent Photo Identification

It’s important that we can verify the identification of those requesting to enroll their child in the Grandview Heights City Schools. Please be prepared to show photo identification at the time of your visit. 

2Verification of Student Identification (must present any one of the following items)

  • Student Birth Certificate (verification of birth issued by Ohio or a comparable certification issued by another state, territory, possession or nation);
  • Passport or attested transcript of a passport filed with the registrar of passports showing the date and place of birth of the child;
  • Attested/certified transcript of the certificate of birth; attested/certified transcript of the certificate of baptism or other religious record showing the date and place of birth of the child;
  • An attested/certified transcript of a hospital record showing the date and place of birth of the child; or a birth affidavit.

3. Proof of Custody/Guardianship (if other than biological/residential parent)

Custody Document - Certified copy of a judge’s order or decree or modification of such order allocating parental rights and responsibilities and designating a residential parent and legal custodian of the child (if applicable).

4. Address Verification (must present any two of the following items)

  • A recent utility bill (gas, electric or water) in the parent/guardian's name.
  • A current lease agreement with parent/guardian's name. Name and phone number of the landlord must be provided in order to verify the lease.

5. Immunization Record (Shot Record)

To assure that all schools provide safe and healthy learning environments, the Ohio Department of Health requires all students be immunized upon enrollment. Please bring your child’s most current immunization record with you for enrollment purposes. 

6. Copy of Most Recent Report Card for Scheduling Purposes (Grades 6-12 only)

A copy of the student's most recent report card is requested for scheduling purposes so that the district can best serve your child's educational needs.

7. Copy of Most Recent Individualized Education Plan/ 504 Plan/WEP or WAP ( if applicable)